Band Members

Steph Snow - Vocals, Washboard, Ukulele

Jorgen Wadkins - Guitar, Vocals

Peter Whiteman - Bass, Vocals

Zach Tauer - Banjo

Jake Rohde - Mandolin, Vocals

Band Bio


The Common Ground Company has been playing progressive bluegrass since the addition of banjo and double bass in 2016. Before moving to Minneapolis in 2016, they previous played a blend of folk and rock music. Their sound evolved, removing drums and adding a mandolin.


Over the past year, they have spent their time touring the midwest, finishing their debut album, and cultivating their progressive bluegrass sound. In their recent compositions, the group focuses on expanding their musical versatility. Though they are rooted in traditional bluegrass, the group often steps outside of tradgrass conventions—swapping instrument roles, deconstructing song structure through improvisation, and emulating rock, jazz and funk grooves. Led by Steph Snow’s powerful vocals, Jorgen Wadkins (guitar), Pete Whitemen (bass), Zach Tauer (banjo), and Jake Rohde (mandolin) blend their acoustic instruments to create a driving, dynamic, and warm soundscape. More recently, their shows also feature Johnny Kovarik on the dobro.


Their first release, For Good This Time, occurred in 2017. They released their first full length album The Storm on May 10, 2019. The band has performed shows with Old Salt Union, The Big Wu, and The Kitchen Dwellers. They played 60 shows around the Midwest in 2018 and will surpass this number in 2019.

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